29 Aug 2013

Place to visit in Berlin

Places to visit in berlin
Berlin - the capital and the seat of government of Germany is also an important center of politics, culture, media, and science in the European Union.

3.5 Million inhabitants make Berlin the most populous city in the country, with a surface area of about 892 square kilometers is the city and also the largest, in terms of the Federal Republic of Germany.
Berlin is a city-state and thus forms an independent country. Geographically, it is located in the eastern part of Germany and is surrounded by the Land of Brandenburg.

Place to visit in berlin
places to visit in Berlin

As one of the most visited cities in Europe, is the capital city of Berlin extremely popular with tourists from all over the world for their mulch-faceted art and cultural life. The city has the reputation of being an unique political and cultural center. So are the number of visitors in the last few years has increased to a new record high and the number of hotel reservations in Berlin provided good utilization of the accommodation sector. Is world-famous for its attractions the capital. Berlin is one of the Top 10 of the most popular Stadtereisezielen in Germany.

Berlin is a center of art and culture: many theaters and operas, such as the State Opera, the Maxim Gorki Theater, the German Theater, the Berliner Ensemble, the Friedrichstadtpalast and others have always a huge selection of pieces in the program. 

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