9 Jan 2013

WSJ: Low-cost iPhone might come this year !

Low cost iphone
We all know how people are crazy about Iphone ! Even I am also crazy about Iphone . The Wall Street Journal says that Apple is working on a cheaper version of the iPhone, following an earlier report from Digitimes. According to the Digitimes report the device may have a larger screen than the current iPhone 5, and the Journal says it could come as early as late 2013. Because of cheaper Android devices in market , Apple's looking to attract new customers turned off by high prices. According to one of the most trusted Apple reporters in the U.S., the smartphone maker is set to introduce a second, cheaper line of iPhones.

The report says that the phone may use a design similar to the current iPhone but with cheaper parts, such as a polycarbonate body to replace the iPhone 5's aluminum. There is, however, a disclaimer that Apple may decide against proceeding with the device. Any such device would certainly represent a major shift in Apple's product strategy; Cupertino currently offers the iPhone 4 for free with a two-year contract, but doesn't have any inexpensive unlocked phones — a major hole in its lineup for several global markets.

Update: Bloomberg has also chimed in, saying that it expects this new low-cost iPhone to cost between $99 and $149 — a pretty obvious price point considering iPhone's longstanding $199 cost.

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