13 Nov 2012

Krubera Cave - The World's Deepest Cave

Krubera Cave - The World's Deepest Cave

Here's a mind-blowing look at Krubera Cave, the world's deepest cave. This natural wonder "plunges 7,188 feet (2,191 m) into
the depths of the Arabika Massif, a limestone formation dating back to t
he Age of Dinosaurs."

It is located in the Arabika Massif of the Gagrinsky Range of the Western Caucasus, in the Gagra district of Abkhazia, Georgia. It became the deepest-known cave in the world in 2001 when the expedition of the Ukrainian Speleological Association reached a depth of 7,185 feet which well exceeded the depth of the previously deepest cave, Lamprechtsofen, in the Austrian Alps, by 80 m.

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