15 Oct 2012

Hadrian’s Wall !! England

Hadrian’s Wall
Hadrian’s Wall
The location that inspired this piece, Hadrian’s Wall once marked the boundary of the Roman frontier and, as such, also marked the boundary of ‘civilization’. It was standing at the wall and realizing this that inspired ‘The Wall’ in George R.R. Martin’s epic, and it’s easy to imagine just how small a man must have felt standing at that wall and looking out into a world full of questions and dangers.

At almost 2,000 years of age and with walking trails stretching for 86 miles through ‘rolling hills, rugged moors, and a dynamic urban landscape’ along which are countless archaeological sites, museums, and tributes to the long dead Roman empire.
For an eager student of history, the Roman empire and all it touched fascinates me – so the opportunity to walk the boundaries of one of history’s most influential empires is one I’m eager to someday take.
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