3 Sep 2012

Paragliding in Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, India

* Paragliding is Indus Himalayan Explorers promises to make your dream of flying come true.
* The clear blue sky and wind facilitate paragliding in the ranges of Khardong top highest motrable road in the world.
* This adventure sport has gained so much popularity that paragliding tournaments attract enthusiasts from Ladakh and all over the world.
* You

must have normal blood pressure to take part in this physically and mentally challenging activity.
* The summer months are the best time for paragliding in Ladakh region.
* Get the details about this exciting sport from Manager Indus Himalayan Explorers through the mail crosspondance.
* Indus Himalayan Explorers Introduce paragliding in Ladakh Ist time during the Ladakh festival time in 1996-97 at Leh Tsemo Gonpa along the Leh Bazer upto polo ground.
* This adventure activities Inogration by Director tourism of leh with rigestration certificate for the company to organized infeature.
* Being a sendy land and unpredictable condition with nature the lending position could be difficult, so therefore all the perticipatant need to be physically and mentally prepared to handle the challenges trip.
* Before taking up the ropes, one must acquaint oneself with the basics of paragliding in a short preparatory course available at the institute and then you’ll be ready to take on the world.

Note : Not very sure about the Source of Picture
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