3 Sep 2012

Kalavantin Fort, Near Panvel, on Mumbai-Pune Road, Maharashtra, India!!

* Kalavantin Durg is located near to Panvel in Kajat region.
* It is adjacent to Prabalgad fort, on the Mumbai

-Pune express highway one can take the Shedung exit.
* It is a Hill Fort at the height of around 2330 ft above MSL and difficulty of trekking considered here is considered as Medium but become difficult in Rainy Season.
* Shedung is the base village of Prabal fort and Kalavantin fort.
* The trek is a 3 hours climb from here.
* One has to trek up the machi and from the village on machi there are rock cut steps which lead trekkers to the top of the fort.
* Kalavantin Fort is good for trekking with full of Natural beauty and lovely scenery.
* Reaching Durg pinnacle is tougher. It has some rock cut steps initially and then few more but muddy path near the pinnacle.
* It is one of the best place for nature lovers, trekkers, jungle lovers.
* Historical References indicate that Freedom fighter Umaji Naik made a stay here in 1826.
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