2 Sep 2013

The beauty of the cenote Dzitnup ! The place which is present on underground Xkeken

The beauty of the cenote Dzitnup
The cenote Dzitnup, also known as "Xkeken", an area of a rare beauty. It belongs to the municipality of Valladolid, in Mexico. Its entrance is narrow and the decline at bottom. thanks to some stairs well carved in rock that lead to a spot that is accessed to the single living room of the cavity.

here there is a lake blue turquoise, decorated with stalagmites that descend from the vault. This effect makes that duplicate image thanks to the reflection of its crystal clear waters, creating a spectacular beauty.

Discovered in 1950 by a farmer who was looking for one their pigs, this was lost and fell in the cenote. The meaning of pork in Maya is "x keken", and is the name that it had in the beginning, the cenote, at the present  is known as "Dzitnup".

Here swimming is allowed  in it with the caution of go tied by a rope, all this as a precaution for the very low temperature of the water
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