2 Sep 2013

Taktsang Palphug Monastery also called as Tiger's Nest Bhutan Monastery is one of the beautiful place to visit in Asia

Tiger's Nest Bhutan Monastery
The Taktsang Palphug monastery also called"Tigers Nest", is situated on the edge of a cliff-side at 3,120 meters high in the Paro valley. Its is one of the most sacred places in the kingdom of Bhutan. Legend   Guru Padmasambhava, the second Buddha flew toward the cliff at the back of a honey, and then meditating in a cave that currently exists within the walls of the monastery.

The monastery was built in 1692 and reconstructed in 1998 after a fire. It is now inhabited by monks who practiced Buddhism and it is limits for the outside tourists.

The Kingdom of Bhutan is a landlocked nation in the Himalaya Mountains and its located between India and China in south Asia. Bhutan is one of the most isolated and least developed nations in the world. However, the data suggest that the country is also one of the peace country in the world. Foreign Influences and tourism are heavily regulated by the government to preserve the traditional culture of the country and national identity. The landscape ranges from subtropical plains in the south to the heights of the Himalayas in the north, with some peaks exceeding seven thousand meters.
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