28 Aug 2013

Top 8 most exciting cities of The Netherlands

1. Amsterdam
Places to visit in netherlands, Holland places, AmsterdamAmsterdam is the capital and most populous city of the Netherlands. Its status as the Dutch capital is mandated by the Constitution of the Netherlands.
Amsterdam is ideal for a weekend trips. The city with its beautiful canals and neighborhoods fun surprised you each time when you visit there. And the endless range of shops, entertainment, restaurants, galleries, museums, concerts and events ensure that Amsterdam never get bored!
In addition the city has a large choice of comfortable hotels, every Sunday, the shops in the city are open and you want to go outside the city; then grab the train and move to Zandvoort on the beach.

2.  Utrecht city
Places to visit in netherlands, Holland places, Utrecht
Utrecht city and municipality is the capital and most populous city of the Dutch province of Utrecht. Utrecht is slightly smaller than that of Amsterdam. Fun excursions in Utrecht include the Entrance Museum with a fine collection of Rietveldmeubels and the Aboriginal Art Museum. Its fun to visit that place.

3. Den Hague
Places to visit in netherlands, Holland places, Den hague
The Hague is the seat of government in the Netherlands, and the capital city of the province of South Holland.Its most beautiful city behind the dunes.Hague is not only beautiful, but is also very cozy and has a varied nightlife. The Hague offers plenty of shopping (exclusive to 2ND hands) and there are plenty of fun things to do.Here you can relax after a night out.
With the children: Its a beautifull place to viist .The Netherlands in the small in Madurodam, Sea-life Scheveningen or the Omniversum for older children.

4. Maastricht 
Places to visit in netherlands, Holland places, Maastricht
Maastricht is the capital city of the Dutch province of Limburg. It is located on both sides of the Meuse river, at the point where the Jeker River joins it.
Maastricht is the only a foreign city in The Netherlands. A romantic weekend in this city is always a success! Start the day with coffee and cake on the Vrijthof Square and close off the day with a tasty Limburg beer or wine in one of the many cozy pubs.

5. Rotterdam
Places to visit in netherlands, Holland places, Rotterdam
Rotterdam is the second-largest city in the Netherlands and one of the largest ports in the world. Starting as a dam constructed in 1270 on the Rotte River, Rotterdam has grown into a major international commercial center. Rotterdam is the most modern city of our top 10 and perhaps that is why it is so attractive to explore. Because between all the modern high-rise buildings are plenty of nice places to explore. You Want what other than a typical city trip? Then you're in Rotterdam on the correct address.

 6. Groningen
Places to visit in netherlands, Holland places, Groningen
 Groningen is the main municipality as well as the capital city of the eponymous province in the Netherlands. With a population of around 190,000, it is the largest city in the north of the Netherlands.
Some people think that Groningen is far away, but that giant. With the train from Utrecht , its about 2 hours to travel in the heart of Groningen. Thanks to the many students is Groningen a cozy and lively city with plenty of activities. The biggest surprise of the city is the Groniger Museum, a pronkjewail, designed by the Italian architect Alessandro Mendini. 

7. Haarlem 
Places to visit in netherlands, Holland places, Haarem
Haarlem is a city and municipality in the Netherlands. It is the capital of the province of North Holland and is situated at the northern edge of the Randstad, one of the most populated metropolitan areas in Europe.
The town on the Spaarne river is just a fifteen-minute drive away from Amsterdam and the beach. The history of the city goes back to the 10th century, Haarlem has a beautiful monumental town with the Large Market as a center. Here you'll find plenty of cafes and restaurants. From Haarlem, you're in a flash on the beach of Zandvoort, Bloemendaal, and IJmuiden. In Bloemendaal you'll find various trendy cafes; ideal for your weekend of shopping, nightlife, and enjoy in Haarlem on relaxed manner to exit! 

Places to visit in netherlands, Holland places, Breda
 Breda is a municipality and a city in the southern part of the Netherlands.The weather can be just as rainy and fresh as in the rest of The Netherlands, but cozy Breda!
The oldest part of the cozy center is located around the large or Onze Lieve Vrouwe Church. 

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