30 Aug 2013

James bond island in Thailand, ko tapu ! The best places to visit in Thailand

James bond island in Thailand, ko tapu.
James bond island in Thailand, ko tapu.

Have you heard about the island name pulau james Bond? This Island is actually located in the provincecalled "Pang Nga" or in Phang Nga Bay in southern Thailand. Initially, this James Bond Island locally known as Koh Tapu or nail polish remover Island. This Island is found and has become famous in James Bond movie "The Man with Golden Gun" at the year 1974. Since that time, this Island is well-known in Thailand and all over the world. With its beautiful scenery , this Island James Bond or Tapu Koh or formerly known as in Phang Nga province is to become one of the country's prime tourist attractions in Thailand.

Tour Package or travel daily will offer big opportunity to explore scenery and lanes with kayak and canoe. Tourists will have a lot of time to enjoy at berkayak or berkano in the cave sea.  The beauty of this island is , you can see the top rocks that have a precarious position and great in the upper but is very thin in down part from a small seashore in Koh Ping Ghan.
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