30 Aug 2013

Best Places to visit in Norway : The Seven Sisters waterfall Geiranger Fjord

The Seven Sisters waterfall Geiranger Fjord,
The Seven Sisters waterfall Geiranger Fjord, Norway !

The geiranger fjord is a 15 km long fjord in Sunnmore in More og Romsdal. It is an arm of the Large fjord and the head of the fjord lies in the town of Geiranger. Geriangerfjorden is one of Norway's most visited tourist destination and fjord landscapes are listed in the  UNESCO list of world heritage.

The area is 499 km ² and is located in the municipalities Norddal and the beach. Reinheimen national park, which is protected area : in order to protect wild reindeer tribe in Ottadalen, is also located within the Norddal municipality's boundaries. In 2006, the fjords of the fjord landscape voted the best preserved UNESCO World Heritage site of the magazine National Geographic. The geological development of the area happened during the last glaciation.
 There is also the mountain that is up to 2000 metres tall. The area around the fjord is very mild. 

The two most well known waterfalls in the Geirangerfjord is Knivsflåfossene, better known as The seven sisters and Suitor. The two waterfalls are located on each side of the fjord, and it is said that Suitor provides cure to the seven sisters on the other side. Another waterfall in the fjord is Bridal Veil.

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